Rabid Cat 1989!

19 Oct

Rabid Cat Records advert, from Maximum Rocknroll, Feb. 1989


Dave Dictor of MDC interview

5 Oct


MDC LOVERS! Make sure to read my brand new interview with the kitten-hearted firebrand hardcore hero Dave Dictor in today’s Houston Press, which will prep you for his appearance at Vinal Edge in Houston for a book event and MDC acoustic set at 7 PM Oct. 6, FREE, ALL AGES, funds raised will go to a local no-kill animal shelter, plus the full-on rage and foment of MDC in bristling action at Rudyards that night! Read the article here. http://www.houstonpress.com/music/dave-dictor-of-mdc-still-a-texas-punk-firebrand-9847583

Punk Women by site editor out now!

30 Jul


Punk Women is OUT! A labor of love featuring key Austin acts like F-Systems and Meatjoy! 13.00 ppd., anywhere in the U.S. (2 for 20.00), Paypal, Money Order, etc. Wholesale prices for outlets, distros too. An incredible array of acts! Email: leftofthedialmag@hotmail.com.

Raul’s No. 53

19 Jul

Offenders, NCM, and Electric Tools at Raul’s

Duke’s No. 38, Raul’s No. 52

16 Jul

Dicks, Offenders, and Droogs at Raul’s, Dicks, Stains, Droogs, and Vestals at Duke’s, March-April 1981

Duke’s No. 38

13 Jul

Inserts, Reactors, and Really Red at Duke’s Royal Coach, Xerox of dark colored flyer

Duke’s No. 37

10 Jul

Gator Family at Duke’s