Raul’s No. 60

20 Sep

Big Boys and Standing Waves at Raul’s, 1980, by John Slate — Control Rat X/Johnny Rat, editor of the zine Xiphoid Process, provided by Mark Dean


Raul’s No. 59

15 Sep
1980 or 1981

Big Boys, Reactors, and Insex at Raul’s, 1980/81, provided by Mark Dean

Blondies No. 1

14 Sep

Blondies club listing, periodical unknown, circa 1996

Continental No. 15

13 Sep

The Dirtbags and Spleen at Continental Club, provided by Jeff Smith

Inner Sanctum No. 14

8 Sep
From Biscuit's cache: 1980

Big Boys at Inner Sanctum, 1980, provided by Mark Dean

Raul’s No. 58

6 Sep

The Huns at Raul’s, from the Big Book of Austin Punk Era Posters and Images, Vol. 2, compiled by Chris Wing (RIP…)

Club Foot No. 46

5 Sep
From Biscuit's cache: 1981?

Go-Go’s and Big Boys at Club Foot, Austin, TX, circa 1980/81, by Biscuit, provided by Mark Dean