Mike Alvarez No. 1

11 Mar

Mike Alvarez (Max and the Makeup), “The Night I Watched You Sleep,” Not Records/Tapes, 1985

Deskonocidos No. 1

23 Nov

Deskonocidos, Problemas 7″ EP, Lengua Armada, 2009

Hole in Wall No. 7

15 Jul

Bigfoot Chester, Texacala Jones, Horsewreck, and T. Tex Edwards at Hole in the Wall, by Davy Jones, provided by Jeff Smith

Hole in Wall No. 6

20 Apr

Hickoids, Texas Terri Bomb, Hot Things, and El Pathos at Hole in the Wall, provided by Jeff Smith

Nice Strong Arm in Flipside!

12 Apr

Nice Strong Arm advert, Flipside, No. 57, Fall 1988

Joe King Carrasco in Playboy!

3 Jan

Joe King Carrasco, Playboy, Oct. 1982, by Paul Matkin

Hole in the Wall No. 5

11 Dec

Byron “Siren” Scott (of Twistize, etc.) Benefit, with the Hickoids, Byron Scott, Big Foot Chester, Texacala Jones, the Shootin’ Pains and the Real Dixons, Hole in the Wall, Austin, provided by Jeff Smith